When you browse UAE Vintage Photo's camera selection, you'll notice that most cameras are offered with a preselection of lenses (mostly primes). We try to make it easy for you by offering the most common choices. 

In the past, 50mm was the default, or "standard" lens, so that’s usually the cheapest option. But it may not be the right one for you. 

50mm lenses are typical portrait lenses : you can frame a half body at 2m approx, but if you want to shoot a full body portrait, a group of people or a landscape, you’ll need to go further from your subject or select a different lens. 35 and 28mm options are usually good for groups/street photography, while 24mm is reserved for landscapes. 

If you want more flexibility than a fixed prime lens, zooms are a practical way to start your film photography adventure, most of them cover 35-70mm, with some even extending to 28mm on the wide end or 105mm on the long end.

Feel free to contact us if you want to pair your camera with a different lens. All combinations are possible within the same mount !