The WOTANCRAFT leather workshop was born in 2009 in the vibrant city of Taipei, Taiwan. Its founder, driven by a passion for vintage military themes, embarked on a creative journey in pursuit of the perfect leather & leisure bags. The debut lineup of handmade camera bags drew inspiration from WWII-era Swiss army equipment—a nod to the past that would set the tone for all future WOTANCRAFT bags. Since then, WOTANCRAFT bags have been awarded numerous awards and adopted worldwide for their beautiful design, rugged quality and durability. In constant search for perfection, the company upgrades its collections regularly and currently produces camera bags, leisure bags, bicycle bags as well as camera straps & watch straps.

UAE VINTAGE PHOTO is WOTANCRAFT’s sole agent in the UAE. Visit HERE for more information.

Patented Military Grade Cordura® Fabric Delivers Style, Functionality, And A Lightweight Built

Traditional waxed canvas is relatively heavy and bulky and becomes a burden to photographers. 

Wotancraft’s patented Cordura® Fabric is at least 60% thinner than traditional canvas, 50% lighter, 10 times more durable, and also tear-resistant.
In addition to the tough and durable properties of Wotancraft Cordura® Fabric, a layer of TEFLON and PU coating is added, making your bags water-repellent.

With use, WOTANCRAFT waxed CORDURA ® bags will develop light shaded scuff marks, similar to the “fading” effect you find on raw denim pants. Light scuff marks will develop on the fabric over time and usage, leaving a "retro vintage vibe" - imprints of the adventures that you and your Pilot have gone through.

When used in combination with "Duraflex Hardware", also used by major brands (such as Patagonia, Columbia and LuluLemon), Wotancraft bags drastically reduce the weight when empty, reserving weight for your camera and gear.