We sell your gear !



We're happy to introduce our PREMIUM LISTING SERVICE, which allows you reach thousands of potential customers and sell your gear at the best price, without efforts !

How does it work ?

1/ Contact us on Whatsapp 0561399406 to let us know what you want to sell : condition, expected selling price etc... Please send us some photos !

2/ After payment of a 50 AED listing fee (REFUNDABLE ON SALE), we pick up your item, send it to our technician for a full checkup and list it on our website. This listing will include your item's description, condition etc. and will appear alongside our own inventory. We even provide warranty for your item ! The listing will appear on our website and social media channels within one week of pickup.

3/ We keep your item at our premises and if it sells within one month, we will send you the payment via bank transfer, minus a 10% commission. We will send your item to the customer, and voila !

4/ if your item doesnt sell within one month, you can either renew the listing for a 30 AED listing fee, or we can send it back to you.

This innovative selling method will make it easier for you to reach potential customers and ensure your items are highlighted as high quality, fully functional and reliable. So don't hesitate, contact us now !

Gwenhael, Owner, Vintage Photo LLC

Note : we reserve the right to choose which items to list according to our priorities at the time of listing.