Voigtlander NOKTON 50mm f1.0 Aspherical, Leica M mount

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  • Condition : guaranteed NEW, genuine product
  • Delivery : fast & free delivery in UAE 
  • Overseas delivery : free over 500 AED, by express courier
  • UAE Vintage Photo is proud to be VOIGTALNDER's official distributor in the GCC

Voigtlander was launched in 1756 in Germany and is one of the oldest companies within the optics and photography industry. They specialize in precision manual focus lenses for mirrorless cameras with outstanding image and built quality.

Please check THIS review of this very unique lens ! 

The fastest full frame lens in Voigtlander lineup 

The GA manufacturing technique (grinding aspherical) achieves the fastest and sharpest F1.0 lens amongst the entire Voigtländer full-frame interchangeable lens line.
Being an ultra-fast standard lens, it satisfies both the requirements of sharp image making and unique styling in a short barrel product. All this capability without sacrificing lens performance or increased size is a remarkable feat.
GA lenses are employed, with their high melting points and ultra-high-refraction glass materials. These manufacturing techniques are very difficult to control during lens creation when compared to standard molded aspherical lenses.
Because of these techniques and utilizing a floating mechanism, when the aperture open to its widest (F1.0, ) you can enjoy a very large bokeh effect, creating mood and style. At the same time you will notice the extremely sharp image depiction of in-focus areas.


A sharp and unique style

This F1.0 lens limits the intrusion into the camera rangefinder by the total lens length being only 55mm (from lens tip to flange mount surfaces) despite the ultra-fast aperture. The lens also features a good balance between the body and the lens from an aesthetic point of view and also is very portable.

Beautiful bokeh with 12 diaphragm blades

A 12-blade aperture is used to make the opening formed by the blades into a rounder circle. The out-of-focus portion of the image has a creamy texture, and when encountering a point light source, it is depicted in a neat circular shape with a soft smooth rendering.

Dedicated metal lens hood included

The lens comes with a metal hood with a bayonet-type mount and can be reverse-mounted for portability when stored. It is a very convenient lens to carry.

Manual focus for accurate operation

By utilizing an all-metal helicoid unit, processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality lubricants, the lens produces exactly the appropriate torque when focused. This makes focusing have a smooth feeling that is both precise and a pleasure to use. It enables the photographer to have a fine touch, a feeling which is hard to replicate in auto-focus lenses.

Bayonet VM mount

A VM mount, compatible with the Leica M mount, is used for the lens connection with the camera. Not only can it be used with many rangefinder cameras, but it also has an excellent balance when attached to a mirrorless digital camera via an appropriate adapter.

Equipped with an accurate rangefinder interlocking system

The high-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism enables extreme focusing even near the maximum aperture of F1.0.

Full size image circle

We have created a generous image circle that supports the full-frame format. In addition, it achieves a very compact size when compared to interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras.



Focal length 50mm
Aperture range f1.0-f22
Mount Leica M
Aperture blades
Dimensions (Dia x L)
Dia 73mm x L 55mm
Front filter size
Weight 484g
Condition brand new in box; 1 year warranty