Voigtlander ULTRON 28mm f2.0 Vintage Line II, Black, Leica M mount

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Condition : guaranteed NEW, genuine product Warranty : 1 year manufacturer's warranty  Delivery : fast & free delivery in UAE. Overseas delivery : free over 500 AED, by express courier UAE Vintage...

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  • Condition : guaranteed NEW, genuine product
  • Warranty : 1 year manufacturer's warranty 
  • Delivery : fast & free delivery in UAE.
  • Overseas delivery : free over 500 AED, by express courier
  • UAE Vintage Photo is proud to be VOIGTLANDER's official distributor in the GCC.

Voigtlander was launched in 1756 in Germany and is one of the oldest companies within the optics and photography industry. They specialize in precision manual focus lenses for mirrorless cameras with outstanding image and built quality.

This wide angle lens combines an exterior design reminiscent of the glamorous styling of classic lenses now regarded as historical masterpieces with optical performance that matches contemporary photographic equipment. By limiting its maximum aperture to a practical level, this lens combines compactness with excellent optical performance. This makes the lens eminently portable for snap shooting, which is a natural niche for a rangefinder camera.

Incredible compactness : 36mm length, 230g, 39mm filter size !

Classical exterior

The lens has a classical design reminiscent of the famous lenses of the 1950s (early 1970s for type II). With all parts made from metal for excellent feel and operability, the lens delivers joy of ownership.

Modern lens design

In consideration for use on digital cameras, the lens utilizes an optical design with 10 elements in 7 groups that suppresses color shifts around the image periphery. Great image quality is achieved with both film and digital.

Minimum focus distance of 0.5 meters

The lens focuses beyond the minimum rangefinder-coupled focus distance of 0.7m all the way down to 0.5m. This feature is especially useful when using the lens on a camera with a live view function.

Focusing stick ideal for quick shooting (Type I)

Focusing can also be performed using the focusing stick in addition to the focusing ring. The focusing stick is effective for snap shooting as it enables the focusing distance to be set intuitively just by feeling its position.

Focusing tab for ease of operability (Type II)

The focusing tab is shaped to fit your finger to ensure fast and precise focusing.

Bayonet type hood (sold separately)

The optional LH-4N hood is manufactured from aluminum and utilizes a bayonet type mount for fast attachment/removal. The LH-12 lens hood finished with crystal paint highly valued for its classical texture can also be used.

Manual focus for reliable focusing

Employs a very precisely machined and adjusted all metal helicoid unit lubricated with high quality grease to realize smooth focusing operation with just the right amount of torque. This enables very precise focusing.

Bayonet type VM mount

Uses the VM-mount lens mount compatible with Leica M-mount. Not only can this lens be used on rangefinder-coupled cameras, but design-wise it also balances very nicely when mounted on mirrorless digital cameras with a mount adapter.

Installed with a focus-coupling system

The high-precision rangefinder coupling mechanism enables precise focusing in focus critical situations such as when shooting at or close to maximum aperture.

Imaging circle that covers full frame format

The lens features a generous imaging circle that covers the 35 mm full frame format. Furthermore, its size is extremely compact compared to interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras.


Focal length 28mm
Aperture range f2.0-f16
Mount Leica M
Aperture blades
Dimensions (Dia x L)
Dia 52mm x L 36mm
Front filter size
Weight 230g
Condition brand new in box; 1 year warranty